Cording Embroidery Machines

Main Features
DYNAMIC cording mixed embroidery machine is a new type product of this which can make different effect on both flat and cording embroidery works ,make the embroidery work looks more modern, elegant with more individuation, can be applied for fashion, curtain bed-spread, toys, decoration, arts.

1.Being compatible with flat embroidery, working speed is more than 600rpern,with high embroidery efficiency.
2.Being convenient to change the cording press foot, with multiple cord feeding holes on the press foot for different sizes of cording material
3.With novel structure design for the cording system, without losing upper thread, without goffer-eaused by cording material not smooth
4.With less thread breakage rate, without lacking stitches, with stable embroidery quality

Available Models- 1, 9, 12, 16, 20, 21 Heads

" **Model numbers can be changed without prior notice"