Sequin Embroidery Machines

Main Features
1. The computer system is the pioneer in domestic, with dynamic LCD display and make the operation become convenient and intuitionistic
2. Besides single and double sequin device option, and front and side sequin device can be attached
3. Speed can be up to 650---700RPM, with returning and darning embroidering function of separated head during embroidering.
4. spangle diameter from 3،ھ7mm is available
5. Orientation structure make sequin adjusting more convenient.
6. Centralized thread catching system, auto trimming and color changes
7. As per request of customer to produce machine

Function description:
Dynamic Sequin Series Embroider machine are sophisticated products independently designed, developed and manufactured by our company. Install with advanced computer operation system, the machines make elegant fashionable embroidery patterns by the colorful bead pieces and embroidery thread.

Available Models- Single & Double Attachment in 12 Heads, 20 Heads, 21 Heads.

" **Model numbers can be changed without prior notice"