High Speed Embroidery Machines

1.Easy Operation for Color LCD display
2.Easily changing between normal frame to tubular frames and function
3.Automaticcolor-change, trimming, redeeming embroidery, thread breakage checking
4.The build in 3.5'' floppy disk drive and USB port available for Tajima and Barudan format.
5.The basic capacity of the system memory is up to 1000,000 stitches, (and can be extended to 2000,000 stitches according to customer’s request) and 200 designs.
6.Function of the editing designs such as zoom, deleting, duplication, cycling embroidery and bulk embroidery
7.Function of being protected and recovered after power off.
8. 250-1200RPM speed is available.

Basic Specifications
1. Stitch length: Binary scale :0. 1-12.7mm, ternary scale :0. 1-12.1mm
2. Speed: 250-1200rpm varies with embroidery conditions.
3. Motor: Induction motor x1, stepping motor x2
4. Power consumption :0. 5-1kw.
10. Power source: 220V/380V 110v, 50/60Hz.

Available Models- 12 Heads & 21 Heads. Also available as per customer requirements.

" **Model numbers can be changed without prior notice"