Mixed Head Embroidery Machines

Main Features
1) Mixed embroidery function: can make different works like flat, sequins, coiling (cord, tape and zigzag) mixed embroidery functions, changing easily from each other through the computer
2) Double coiling material feeding structure and double sequins devices: may install double coiling material feeding or double sequins devices if necessary, in order to save work preparing time, make the production more efficient
3) Automatic take-up Pressure foot stand-by function: after coiling embroidery, pressure foots canbe automatically taken up and go to stand by status. The pressure foot height and the lower-dead- point position can be adjusted easily
4) High speed, low sound: main mechanical transmission driving systems are by AC servo motorand stepping motors. Computerized controlling system realizing automatic speed changing makes the machine running more stable at high speed. The sub-division stepping motor driving system effectively reduce the noise
5) Strong compatibility: compatible for flat, sequins and other embroidery functions

Available Models- 9 heads and 12 Heads

" **Model numbers can be changed without prior notice"